Custom Exhibit + Fabrication

PG Exhibits provides custom design and fabrication for modular, portable, permanent, and rental exhibits. We specialize in exceptional design of environments and experiences, born of three sources: passion, patience and practicality. We love what we do and take pride in smart and beautiful work. Our entire team participates in the design development to determine both the “what” and the “how.”

Customer experience is the focus. Blending the audience and the objectives, we design brand immersions to inspire, entertain and educate. We like to think bigger: push new boundaries, make use of new technologies, and go for the unexpected.

Our shop boasts a full-time team of veteran craftsmen, experienced in metal work, painting and custom cabinetry. In addition, we also have a staff of electricians who are involved in every exhibit build requiring power. Their expertise is used not only in the shop but also in the design of electrical layouts and cabling diagrams.